Shipping Policy

Despatch Timeframes:

Generally I aim to despatch your goods ASAP and within 72 hours of an order being received. Sometimes this is not possible due to the order coming in over a weekend or it being a Pre-Order. If there are going to be any delays outside of the timelines stipulated above, I will usually contact you beforehand and advise you.


A Pre-Order is an order made for an item that is not yet in stock. It may be being made or travelling from our studio to the shipping warehouse which is located in Hong Kong. I any situation where I Pre-Order products I will have an expected shipping date stipulated on the product page. This is the date that I expect the item will be fulfilled and despatched from the warehouse to my customers. We aim to be as accurate as possible with this but shipping (to the warehouse), inbound receipt and fulfilment times are like planning a picnic according to the weather forecast sometimes.

I setup pre-orders on batches of specific products. So if we make a batch of 10 Nomad Bags I will set an expected shipping date for those 10 bags. When they sell out, I will set up another Pre-Order batch and change the expected shipping dates.

Shipping Rates:

Shipping rates for most countries are FREE for orders over $100. This is a FREE service and takes between 5 and 12 days from the time of fulfilment. In other words, if it takes 32.4 hours to fulfil the order please contain your excitement another 5-12 days.

Express rates and shipping to overseas destinations are given to you as options on checkout. If you are unhappy with the applied rate please contact me and we can discuss some alternatives. Express shipping timeframes are between 2-8 days after fulfilment.

Shipping Tracking:

Most deliveries will have a corresponding tracking number. You will receive this number via email when I despatch your goods. If you loose it or can't find it please feel free to contact me and I will look into it for you.

Shipping tracking is managed by AfterShip.

Australian customers please note: I make my bags and wallets in Vietnam and then we ship them to Hong Kong for warehousing and posting. If you choose free postage this is an Australia Post Direct Injection service from Hong Kong. It's an Aust Post service so the tracking numbers etc are generated by them and once the item is fulfilled it's in the hands of Aust Post. Unfortunately at this stage they don't scan the items into their system until it reaches our shores so you won't see much tracking information until it arrives proper in Australia. The good news is, that once it does get scanned, it's usually only a day or so away from being delivered.

All of this information is on the website and terms and conditions that were ticked prior to placing the order.

´╗┐Express Service packages don't have the same limitations on tracking as described above.

Understanding DDU and DDP - Taxes and Duties

Each country has their own rules and laws relating the collection of taxes from items purchased over the internet. Where I can I, take the burden of this for you, my international customers but this is not always possible or realistic.

DDU means Delivered Duties Unpaid. This means that if your country charges duties and other taxes on the item you are purchasing, you will be required to pay these on receipt of your goods. Some countries charge taxes on my products, some don't. But it's up to you to do the research on this before choosing a DDU free postage option from me.

DDP means Delivered Duties Paid. This means that the courier company charges me (the shipper) extra money to cover the taxes and government charges on the product.

Countries with deliveries DDP are:

  • Australia - F, S, E
  • The United States of America - S, E
  • New Zealand - E
  • United Kingdom - F, S, E

(F - Free Post, S - Standard Post, E - Express Post)

For more information on Taxes and Duties per country please check this article: Information on International Duties and Taxes.

Canada - Importing by Mail or Courier

New Zealand - Send and Receive Items from Overseas

UK - Tax and Customs from Goods sent from Abroad

United States - Internet Purchases