How long does your free shipping take?

The quick answer is; anywhere between 3-12 days.

The complicated answer is:


Generally I aim to despatch your goods ASAP and within 72 hours of an order being received. Sometimes this is not possible due to the order coming in over a weekend. On other occasions there may be a need to wait for delivery of the product to me from my manufacturer. In these cases I will usually contact you beforehand and advise you of any expected delays.

Shipping times

Shipping rates within Australia are FREE for orders over $100. This is a FREE service and takes between 5 and 7 business days from the time of fulfilment. In other words, if it takes 32.4 hours to fulfil the order please contain your excitement another 5-12 days. The times vary for a number of reasons including where the item is warehoused, where it is being shipped to (metro areas as opposed to rural) etc.