Duties and Taxes (DDU and DDP)

At the time of writing this (29/08/18) the default postage options (unless otherwise stated) are DDU which means Delivered Duties Unpaid. This means that if your country charges duties and other taxes on the item you are purchasing, you will be required to pay these on receipt of your goods.

The reason for this is because at the moment, not all courier services collect these fees and pass them on to me by default. Options for DDP (Delivered Duties Paid) are available but you should inquire with me before placing an order as it depends on which country you are shipping to.

Countries with deliveries DDP are:

  • Australia - F, S, E
  • The United States of America - S, E
  • New Zealand - E
  • United Kingdom - F, S, E

(F - Free Post, S - Standard Post, E - Express Post)

For more information on Taxes and Duties per country please check this article: Information on International Duties and Taxes.