Frequently Asked Questions

Who designs your products?

In some cases I do (Jarrod Stillman) but not all. I have always been a creative and I know what I want in each of my products so designing my own concepts is something I find very fulfilling. In many other cases, designs are "sourced" by me(found elsewhere). Once again, I know what I like and I conduct thorough research on suppliers and designs to ensure that only those that fit within the Jack Stillman brand ideals are chosen.

Where are your products made?

The majority of my gear is manufactured in Vietnam and China, The USA and Indonesia. I'd love to give you all Australian made products but sadly that is unlikely to ever be a reality in this country again (don't start me). My suppliers overseas are professional ethical operators who are very well paid and looked after and this is reflected in the outstanding quality of Jack Stillman's merchandise.

Do you offer a guarantee on your work?

In short yes. I want to create stylish gear that stands up to living. So if something breaks within the first few weeks of ownership or there is a fault that is less than you expected please let me know. In most cases I'll replace it and/or re-design the product to be more robust in the future.

Do you have a physical store?

I'm working on it. As of 2018 I am looking to expand more into retail outlets throughout Australia. To check my progress, look here.